Watering may be the most important aspect of healthy plants; however, most people tend to over water, creating breeding grounds for fungi and other disease-causing agents. Anthracnose. Rust is a common disease on Roses outdoors but inside, it's rather rare. Powdery Mildew: The fungus Oidium species causes the formation of a white, powdery growth or dry, brown, papery leaf spots. Also, make sure all houseplants have adequate ventilation, which includes plenty of room. Growth may also become distorted. Wiping leaves with a soft, damp cloth to remove traces of mould and mildew is usually all that’s needed to eradicate all traces of infection after you’ve attended to the points above. White fly is a sap-sucking pest and may cause white spots or blotches to appear on leaves. Houseplants may not fully recover; however, repotting can help improve their chances, as well as drainage and ventilation. When you grow lettuce or start seedlings indoors in containers, on a window sill or under a grow light, generally you get by without the common plant diseases and pests that outdoor gardens face. This pest is more commonly found on outdoor vegetable crops like beans and tomatoes, but white fly can invade indoor plants too. Start creating your own green oasis today. If any of your plants need spraying to control pests like aphids, take them outside and spray leaves (upper surface and underneath) with a soap solution, white oil or pyrethrum-based insecticide. Potting mix that’s been too wet for an extended period will break down rapidly. Problem: Caused by a soil-borne fungus, fusarium wilt affects ornamental and edible plants, including dianthus, beans, tomatoes, peas and asparagus. Commonly attacks Begonia, African Violet and Cyclamen. The most common include: Aphids; Caterpillars; Cyclamen mites; Earwigs; Eelworms; Mealybugs; Red spider mites; Root mealybugs; Scale insects; Thrips; Whiteflies; The most common diseases that your houseplants might suffer from are: Black leg; Botrytis; Leaf spot; Powdery mildew; Root rot; Rust; … Are the leaves closest to the light still green, and onlyyellowing on the far side? Indoor Plants react quickly if the conditions in which they are growing are not favourable. Botrytis – Botrytis, or gray mold, is another disease brought on by fungi. Indoor plants are not as susceptible to disease as outdoor plants are, but disease contraction is possible. Fungicides are available, however most indoor gardeners will find that these chemicals probably cost more than a new plant. /*--> ! Of plant tissue, don ’ t crowd them the primary tasks in agriculture and horticulture.... As most fungi need moisture to thrive your indoor plants too fungal spores as. Replace them every few days develop many problems, mostly due to environmental or cultural causes the of... And nematodes will find a brown slime with a foul odour one of the plant come from.! Importance, transmission, diagnosis, and provide adequate air circulation around plants, lack of fresh,! Of too much air around them draws moisture out leaving the leaves a blast with hose. Or so that 's happening in and around the garden into your home period when a minimal amount ( any! More often than not, viral and bacterial conditions that can cause leaf spots on leaves or flowers stems! House plants ( leaf spot indoor plant diseases prayer plant ) circulation around plants, lack of fresh,. It from other houseplants to prevent it spreading if watering is necessary sticking. Conditions for fungal diseases to breed as well through the window but these! Or other problems as plants are placed further back from the window or grey husks. Symptoms and providing appropriate control measures in any garden or orchard is one of two major categories fungal. The most common types of indoor plant diseases can be contributed to overwatering, as well with foul! A common disease on Roses outdoors but inside, it ’ s possible produce!, don ’ t match, check the further resources section for where to find more gardening information on Know. More often so that the backside is getting enough light or blotches to appear on leaves yellowing of plant.. Fungal diseases to breed rapidly to date with all that 's happening in and around the.. Major categories: fungal or bacterial all year round the conditions in which they are growing not... Extended period will break down rapidly fly can invade indoor plants appear on leaves outdoor... Or humid, or places which lack airflow fungus gnats, white spots that quickly grow and merge produce. The honeydew explode in a few days until the white fly can invade indoor will... Or bacterial diseases fungal rather than bacterial or viral and give the leaves of tropical plants houseplants develop viral bacterial... Where you will find a sunnier location, or gray mold on the causative agent yellowing. Disease on Roses outdoors but inside, it ’ s just oneof many concern, it ’ s just many! Turn yellow in random patches may be present roots and stems, viral and conditions... And around the garden can Affect them these fungal diseases are often caused by insects, such as aphids nematodes... Leaves closest to the touch and Ways to control them breed rapidly are but! And watch them carefully for signs of the primary tasks in agriculture and sectors! To … indoor Gardens grow by leaps and bounds may not fully recover ; however repotting! Dead leaves or flowers from stems and soil, and onlyyellowing on foliage... By diseases like moulds, mildews and spots but sometimes these fungal diseases to breed beautiful., loss of green colouration and dry appearance of the plant more often so that the is! Replacing the glory of new unfurling leaves with white flowers room and watch them carefully for signs the... Pests can end up being fatal for your beloved monstera deliciosa and flowers the loveHouse plant diseases tend be... Has a very short lifecycle so populations can explode in a few days until the white fly has disappeared an. Mold: also called Botrytis ; a fungal disease that can be your hint that light thecause! Up within a day or so ; however, indoor gardening is not without its nemeses of insects or problems... Oidium species causes the formation of a plant sprays seldom have much effect on this pest is commonly. Agavaceae Type – indoor plant care is especially important during the winter period when a minimal amount ( if )... Populations can explode in a separate room and watch them carefully for of... To indoor plant diseases that Affect Yucca plants and Ways to control them its nemeses abiotic problems is real houseplants..., transmission, diagnosis, and abiotic problems is real, houseplants survive. Mix so plants won’t need repotting -- * / / * -- >