These features could make many people’s jobs much more convenient and personalized. Easy, just edit and it's now public immediately. No more … In general, it grants you more control over your website or app.For our use case, we will make use of the Workers feature that will forward incoming requests from users to the public Notion page that we have created earlier. It perfectly suited mine, because I wanted a simple portfolio page that I can easily update. First, you have to register on their website.Once registration is complete, add your domain by clicking on Add site at the top right.When it asks you to choose a plan, select the Free plan.After scrolling down, you should see this form: Here, copy both fields Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2** If you plan to use it for something like a blog or anything else where you want to track user behaviour using Google Analytics, I would not recommend using this approach. Host Notion will host your Notion pages under your own domain. You own all the SEO benefits and future traffic that results. Let’s begin then. to host your Notion – cancel anytime. Just grab a cup of tea and come back later to see this success message in your Dashboard. Visitors are confused if they're directed to a different domain — reassure them by hosting it on your own Just like before, instead of clicking on Launch Editor, click on Add route this time. Change your nameservers on your domain registrar (ie: GoDaddy, … site. From here, it might take a while for the changes to take place (in some cases up to 24 hours). Which incidentally makes your custom domain able to display any other public notion page, not only yours. The hard part is now finished and only one final step is missing, the routing. A custom domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website. Select your site name used in Super, a custom domain from a domain provider, and the URL to your original Notion page with the page set to public via the "Share" menu at the top ("Share" → "Share to the Web") Add one or more pretty URLs if you need them. … Luckily I have found this gist from mayneyao. Not only this, but also has a GAPING BIG security flaw. In this example using Namecheap, simply change the Default DNS select-box to Custom DNS and paste the nameservers one in each input field. In my case, they look like this:const MY_DOMAIN = “”const START_PAGE = “". Yes, You can use Notion on Custom Domain ... such as the ability to use it on a custom domain, use custom fonts, or analytics. They are in the DNS settings of your domain provider. But, there is a hack-around solution, using … notions_and_potions Hi All, We just launched a new landing page showcasing our tool to host Notion pages on a custom domain. Being a member of the Notion Community on Facebook, it looks like that a lot of other people feel the same way. Ive seen some really cool sites lately that are literally Notion pages with a custom domain (heres one). add Google Analytics – whatever you need to make it your website. Enter your email for occasional updates. This subreddit is all about or Notion, the … Only For example, NationBuilder’s custom domain is Interested in hearing when we launch a feature? You can use any provider.Head to the settings to change the default nameservers. Please note that sub-users can only have custom domain … Notion provides a great editing experience, and with Notion2Site, you can use Notion to power beautifully simple websites on custom domains for a world-class publishing experience. Edit site content, pages, URLs, meta data, images, favicons, custom scripts entirely from Notion. Fruition lets you add pretty URLs, custom domains, Google Fonts, SEO support, and script injection to your Notion pages. You should be able to see your public Notion page after entering your domain in the URL of your browser: Each use-case is different. If preferred, the switch Allow Search Engines can be enabled as well. After saving, head back to the workers’ page. $5/site/mo Don’t forget to save the changes as well. In my case, I just wanted to have my portfolio I had already created in Notion published. Notion provides a great editing experience, and with Notion2Site, you can use Notion to power beautifully simple websites on custom domains for a world-class publishing experience. On the left side of the editor, enter the following block of code: You can leave most of the code as it is, except for … Don’t worry, we will just copy + paste some code block and only make changes in two lines there.For the request to be forwarded to our Notion page, we need a proxy using a worker in CloudFlare. Custom Domains. Custom domains Bring your custom domain, or use subdomain hosted on for free. Fruition. Buy direct from Motion Industries! Step 3. Once you are finished, click on Copy Page Link and save the link for later use. It also doubles your Google … There you see people sharing some of their great takes on homepages and other things. Site hosting and SSL certificates come standard with Super. It does not matter which page you use, but it should be a public page. Ideal for your blog, wiki, docs or portfolio. Instant page loading with … It only costs $5/site/month to start hosting Notion on your own domain with this tool. Having a custom domain for Notion public pages is probably one of the most asked for features and it looks like it isn't happening any time soon (understandably). content – not an advert for Notion. After sharing the story at the Notion Facebook Group, I received some responses that should be mentioned here as well. In this step, we will enter some code. So anyone could create a public notion page and use your custom domain … I love Notion. I use it for almost anything from planning my workouts to maintaining reading and movie lists with ratings. And this is why I decided to create a step by step guide on how to set up custom domains for Notion. Raw. As far as I know, CloudFlare is used as a CDN most of the times. Make your notion page public. It's good to go, out of the box and you're welcome to customize the fonts, add live chat in the corner or Once you set up the custom domain, go to Settings > Addresses/Users and click on the ADD USER button. An open-source DIY tool that lets you transform your Notion into a much more professional … Custom domains Add a custom domain (or subdomain) to any of your Notion pages. No more copy-pasting into your Even though Notion claims to be a great tool for taking notes, I think it is more of a private space or personal homepage. const MY_DOMAIN = "". Enable the option of Public Access. Custom Domains for Notion. Step 2: Create a free account & add your domain as a site. — Feel free to ask me any questions, either here on Medium or my twitter @TarasPyoneer. Notion Custom Domain using Cloudflare Workers + Splitbee Analytics. Notion pages ID are unique wiche means you can access the same page on ANY other custom notion domain. The notion of a domain general network for the maintenance of attention is also complimentary to findings on attentional shift. In this example, it’s*. Whenever I make changes to it, it will immediately be updated.Hence, if you prioritize the mobile experience and fast loading times, this approach might not suit you since Notion pages aren’t that performant.Despite that, I hope Notion will launch a native feature for setting up custom domains. I designed my homepage in Notion using some of the ideas from the group.I felt it would be cool to create my portfolio in Notion and connect it to my custom domain. Make sure you copy the nameservers provided by CloudFlare, since they might differ! With our Hosting Potion, anyone can easily build a blog or post their public docs on their domain through Notion… Even though it worked out in the end, I thought that it might be quite difficult for someone else without a technical background. Id like to use Notion for one … * Custom domain and access to the DNS settings* Page in Notion that should be your landing page* Account on CloudFlare. Effortless publishing means you're more productive, creating content early and often. Let’s start with the page itself. Notion is all you need — in one tool. Be more productive than you ever thought possible Template Database. Head over to the Workers menu at the top and click on Launch Editor. Custom domains and fonts Analytics and live … Leadership Dashboard. Shifts of attention consistently evokes a transient response in a medial … Modify them using your domain in your domain and public Notion page in start page url. Step 4. worker.js. This workaround might only be useful in some cases. Even though I am a software engineer myself, I found it a bit hard to follow the instructions. Notion is a workspace for your notes, docs and tasks — now use it for your public website, blog, or wiki, instantly published, under your own custom domain. Your pages will always load instantly and remain in sync with your Notion … The reason being, there are chances that users will get confused when they get redirected to a different domain … All you need to do here is to paste both nameservers that you have copied in Step 2. The number one supplier of bearings, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanical power transmission products. By default, all the sub-pages you add inside your home page will have ugly Notion … Pretty URLs & Custom Domains for Notion Pages Blog/Newsletter. In the final step, we need to tell the worker for which route(s) or URL the script should run. If everything went smoothly and the* Notion page is set to public* the nameservers on your domain provider were changed* CloufFlare successfully verified your domain. This is perfect for your portfolio, blog, landing page, or business site. Need to fix a typo? Here's a rundown of the most important features: - Entirely Notion driven website creation & blogging - Edit site content, pages (including nested ones) from Notion - Add pretty URLs, site metadata, favicons, social images, custom scripts all entirely from Notion doc - Add a custom domain … Custom domains, also known as vanity URLs, appear in the … Then, click on Add Script and name it something like custom-domain-proxy.On the left side of the editor, enter the following block of code: You can leave most of the code as it is, except for the top 2 lines. The Leadership Dashboard is … const START_PAGE = " … blogging platform. Then, click on Add Scrip t and name it something like custom-domain-proxy. Click on Save and ignore the Missing Route warning for now if one pops up. Simply set the route to YOUR_DOMAIN/*. It provides handy tools to deliver assets and it can also protect your page when it is under attack, like DDoS. Host Notion Custom domains for Notion. Notion itself does not provide this function yet, according to their twitter we might see it someday: Twitter — Tweet about custom domains from Notion. Transform Notion into websites – all your content is managed in Notion with your brand, domain and SEO. Connect your own domain to any public Notion workspace to use it as a simple, beautiful website. Then, select the script custom-domain-proxy which we saved in the previous step.The only thing we need to do now is to save the route and wait. A new tool that blends your everyday work apps into one. Here we set a rule for which routes the script should run. Forte Labs. Click continue. For this post, I have purchased a cheap .xyz domain from Namecheap, but this provider is not mandatory. It is not possible to embed any type of snippet that will work in the background. To create sub-users, you will need to have a custom domain set up. And the social sharing tags feature your Zero code, zero config, fast and easy. Here's an update on our no-code tool to host public Notion pages on your custom domain! r/NotionSo: Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. From here it becomes a little more tech-savvy. This has been a common feature request so we built a solution ourselves. Is it possible to embed a Notion page in a Squarespace site? This might take a few minutes or even hours to work. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team Lambda Functions Aren’t Always Your Best Choices, Hosting React + Flask + MongoDB Web Application on AWS — Part 4: Hosting Web Application, Turn Fear into Power — A Beginner’s Guide to Pry in Ruby, ODI Match Prediction with Elo Scores and sklearn.