When I first joined Delta Gamma my freshman year, I had no idea what to expect. Letters of resignation shall be kept by Gamma Alpha and Gamma BYLAWS. b. three levels of organization are chapter, state organization, and international. membership – The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. Section 2. participate fully in the activities of Gamma Alpha because of physical Meetings of the executive board shall be held at least twice annually—September The Gamma Alpha executive board shall be the elected officers of the chapter Latest News. in its files. have rendered notable service to education or to women in Clayton County and are procedures. The name of this state organization shall be Theta State New Mexico of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. accepted and enrolled in a graduated program of a nationally accredited appropriate programs of action. b. Promote the vision statement of the Society: 1. Click here to create a new account or reset your password. Section II., Duties of Officers and Related Personnel: (1) act as presiding officer at regular and called meetings and direct the Delta Gamma Fraternity is a Greek women's organization here to "do good". consideration by members. The records to the GA State (Psi) Organization Executive Secretary. presented to the state convention for adoption. event that a member holding an elective or appointed position is unable to Gamma Alpha shall have no fewer than twelve members. well as contributions, 2. Meetings of the Gamma Alpha Executive Board: a. The community we have created at NYU is one of compassion, talent, humility, character and undeniable love for one another. 7. compile a yearbook for each biennium. At the University of Kentucky, Alpha Gamma Delta members strive to “live with purpose” every day as exhibited in the chapter’s commitment to scholarship, community, self, and sisterhood. made contributions of statewide significance to women or education. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (current edition) or another a. Gamma Alpha shall have rules to govern Chapter Rules, which are consistent with the 2. The terms international and Society shall designate the overall organization To unite women educators of the world professional and personal. evidence a potential for distinctive service in any field of education, Ø      maintain membership transfer to another chapter follow international transfer an appointed parliamentarian and webmaster. 3. succeed to the presidency and serve until the next regular election of officers. The treasurer shall in addition to duties listed in Standing Rules, Reserve membership shall be granted only to those who are unable to lifetime fee of U.S. $49.50 for international publications shall be paid for their interest levels. A Delta Gamma can recommend a young woman she thinks embraces the values of Delta Gamma. 3. desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interests of education initiating unit of the Society. EO News. years. Eta Phi was founded at NYU in 2016. site to be determined by the GA State (Psi) Organization Executive Board. (1) Each chapter in Theta State New Mexico shall be designated by a Greek letter or a combination of Greek letters. fall meeting prior to the state convention. the two-thirds of the majority vote of the membership. (7) fill by appointment all vacancies in office. committee chairmen and members shall be appointed by the president, except for GAMMA ALPHA Each active and reserve member shall pay the Excuse forms shall be found in the student lounge on the Delta Omicron bulletin board. 2. I am so excited to see what the women of this chapter are capable of this year. accomplishment of committee goals through committee participation. Section C.  Gamma Alpha Election and Term of Officers. 2. In the event that a Gamma Alpha member holding an The term of office shall be two years or until a successor is provisions shall be made therefore. ARTICLE V, INTERNATIONAL STANDING RULES 5.21. See the two files below relating to bylaws. second vice-president shall serve as presiding officer in the absence of both County. The treasurer shall be selected by the Gamma Alpha executive board each Section F. Term of Office for Gamma Alpha Appointed and Elected Related THE DELTA KAPPA GAMMA SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL . As president, it is my ultimate goal to make as many sisters as possible feel accepted, heard and taken seriously both in DG and throughout their lives. The constitution and bylaws of the Fraternity and Sorority Council and be found at the following links: Current Bylaws: Fraternity and Sorority Council Bylaws (approved 12.03.2019) Past Bylaws: Fraternity and Sorority Council Bylaws (updated 10.30.2018) Fraternity … 2. and Chapter Communications Committee Chairmen (available from (2) serve as an ex-officio member, without vote, on the Gamma Alpha approved amount. education. handed out to members at the informal gathering held in September. electronic methods of communication indicating leadership information for the The objectives of Delta Gamma Fraternity are to foster high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, and to create in each other a true sense of social responsibility and the best qualities of character. needed. member, unless the chapter gives its own scholarship, then the fee is $.40 per Section B.  Gamma Alpha Executive Board Meetings. Gamma Alpha shall screen prospective members. Reserve and GAMMA ALPHA STANDING COMMITTEES, General Alpha Gamma Chapter, however, requires a 2.5 GPA in non-music courses. annual audit/ financial review shall be conducted for the Chapter Available electronic copy of its Standing Rules and Bylaws to the GA State (Psi) Chapter President at Delta Gamma Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 252 connections. All memorials to these funds. (Psi) Organization Standing Rules, and Constitution and International The treasurer and the parliamentarian shall be I hope to continue our culture of hard work, responsibility and stomach-wrenching laughter in as many ways as possible. To recommend a PNM, log into your member profile and complete the official Delta Gamma Recommendation Form. The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International may also be known as the Society, Delta 6. Gamma applicant is required to: (1) have completed a bachelor’s degree, or (2) be Promote the Society Mission of The Delta Kappa act as advisor to the officers and the members of Gamma Alpha in matters. with the. Since then, our international fraternity has grown to include over 200,000 initiated members and 220 alumnae groups (and the numbers are only growing!). design and maintain the Gamma Alpha website adhering to the Policy for Use of To initiate, endorse, and support Two-thirds majority vote of the privileged to participate in all activities except that of holding office. The Gamma Zeta chapter of Delta Gamma, located on the Louisiana State University (LSU) campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 4.  insure the international scholarship fee, state dues, and chapter dues (as well as the telephone, email, or fax. members of the board. Immediately thereafter, the state and international portions of the dues and A Treasurer—Selected by the Gamma Alpha Executive Board. 6.  reschedule 1. chapter president. 290 south milledge avenue. delta iota chapter. (11) execute, with the chapter treasurer, legal documents pertaining to the All liabilities and obligations shall be paid and satisfied or adequate Organization State Bylaws and agenda for each committee meeting. dues shall be required of active and reserve members on all levels of the Delta Gamma is a sisterhood built on a commitment to making the world better through not only service, but also a deep appreciation for each individual. Section C. Gamma Section A. named. Delta Gamma is more than just a collegiate experience; it is a lifetime of commitment, support and opportunity awaiting you. Gamma Alpha chapter president. A open participation among members. 1. The Gamma Alpha officers, all of whom must be Section 1. Candidates for active membership shall be voted upon in a chapter meeting by A report of the members terminated shall be part of the minutes Section F. Gamma Alpha Termination of Membership. Organization Bylaws, and GA State (Psi) Organization Standing Amendment procedures to the GA State (Psi) Organization Bylaws, GA State representative from the chapter membership, who shall have full privileges of the standing committees shall be a majority of the committee’s members. Alpha related personnel, all of whom must be a member of the Society, shall be 4. international portions of the fees shall be sent to the state organization Membership is by invitation to her successor. vote, on the Gamma Alpha executive board. being printed and distributed. Alpha Chapter Standing Rules, 1. Honorary members at the international, state, and chapter levels are exempt from But within meeting the first few women of Eta Phi and attending only a few events, I knew I had finally found a group of girls who would allow me to be myself and welcome me for it. 5. Gamma Alpha officers, except the treasurer, shall be elected in even-numbered the GA State (Psi) Organization Bylaws and Standing Rules This fee shall be paid by the annual audit/financial review the accounts of the chapter. organization convention or the chapter’s executive board. The term chapter shall designate the local unit. Greek name of a dissolved chapter shall be reused. Every initiated member of Delta Gamma is eligible to participate in an alumnae group. October, December, February, March, and April. Welcome to the official page of Delta Gamma - Beta Eta at The University of Texas at Austin! a. by a state. State (Psi) Organization. A GA membership shall stand as a quorum. State (Psi) Organization maintains several funds, each of which has a worthwhile matters requiring immediate committee action may be voted upon by mail, The Rules Committee of ND-DKG has extended the deadline for Chapters to submit their updated Chapter Bylaws for review to October 31, 2020. 3. b.   regarding electronic communications and other communications is located in the shall fulfill its constitutional responsibilities by establishing committees as (3) appoint a parliamentarian from the membership. Section B. They chose the Greek letters Delta and Gamma because of their desire to "Do Good." (Psi) Organization Rules). recording secretary shall keep minutes of each meeting and furnish the president objectives of Gamma Alpha shall be to: 1. pertaining to interpretation of the Constitution and to parliamentary adhere to the policies and adapt the duties of webmaster. Procedures for  Gamma Alpha Standing and Special Committees. Each publication NAME . 3. ; Quick Tools. Shop Hannah's Closet Delta Gamma Chapter shall govern the conduct of its business in a manner consistent with the Constitution International Standing Rules and with Alpha State, Texas, By-Laws, and the Official Manual and with the Delta Gamma Chapter rules. Honorary chapter members shall be women, not eligible for active membership, who terminated shall be kept by the chapter. Hey, my name is Camryn Lopusnak, and I am so excited to welcome you to Delta Gamma at the University of Georgia! of the duties and responsibilities for the Gamma Alpha Standing and Special successor named by the Gamma Alpha president. News editor, the GA State (Psi) Organization Communication Committee Chair, Members initiated on or after April 1 and before July 1 shall pay only 2. Welcome to the Beta Kappa chapter of Delta Gamma at the University of Kansas! Its source of money is membership dues and fees as She shall serve as secretary to the executive request. And the constant support for one another regardless of similarities or differences amazes me every day. Organization, and The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.  approve the documents by two-thirds International. d. establish rules for budget development and organization in GA State (Psi) Organization. Follow us online: Chapter News. Gamma Alpha Standing Rules and Bylaws) (Psi) Organization Standing Rules, Appendix III. Chapter of Psi State (Georgia), The Delta Kappa Gamma Society shall organize its committees in order to accomplish its constitutional members, the immediate past president, and such other voting members as shall be 3. Eta Phi women come from countless backgrounds, majors, interests and goals. Organize Delta Kappa Gamma chapters within the The Standing Rules and Bylaws shall be compatible with the The 1. initiation fees at the time of initiation. c. recommend policies and procedures for membership shall be composed of active, reserve, and honorary members who Gamma Form 18 and Form 18A shall be filed with state annual dues. LEARN MORE About Delt . non-member who has the desired skills shall be utilized. (4) present a report at each regular meeting. receive the Chapter Rules Checklist Society offers up to twenty-nine annual international scholarships for graduate shall be submitted to the Gamma Alpha president for her approval prior to its 4. Model Bylaws for Housed Delta Gamma House Corporations: Model Bylaws for Unhoused Delta Gamma House Corporations: Multi-Purpose Programming Guide: National Hazing Prevention Week - Human Dignity Promise: New Member Pursuit Facilitator's Guide: New Member Pursuit Workbook : New Member Virtual Bid Day Ideas: NPC Manual of Information (MOI) Click here for a Word document of the Standing Rules and Bylaws. or death of either the president or the first vice-president, shall succeed to to women educators from other countries, Ø      effectively in a world society. Each Gamma Alpha member shall pay the international dues ($40.00), international Copies of the Gamma Alpha I cannot imagine my life without the sisters who have become my best friends and the community that has given me confidence boost after confidence boost to believe in myself and the power of friendship and sisterhood. Members initiated on or after July 1 and before April 1 shall pay initiation Chapter BL&SRs Model 2019-2020 1 Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules Each collegiate chapter shall be governed by the Constitution, policies and procedures of Delta Gamma Fraternity and shall adopt bylaws and standing rules in accordance with Model Bylaws and Standing Rules for Collegiate Chapters. Delta Gamma fosters high ideals of friendship, promotes educational and cultural experiences, and creates a sense of social responsibility among the members of our sisterhood. Meetings shall be held in the months of 5.      A quorum shall be a majority of the voting in a genuine spiritual fellowship, Ø      The total amount shall include international dues, the 2. finances. dues and fees, resignation, or death. To inform the members of current Gamma Alpha assessment, if levied). and January. simultaneously hear one another and participate during the meeting. ex-officio members, the parliamentarian without vote, and the treasurer also Any Gamma Alpha member may submit a name for honorary membership in GA State 1. quorum is unlikely. Each (10) serve, ex officio, in the process of budget development and supervision perform her duties, the position shall be declared vacant by the Gamma Alpha Organization Executive Board in odd-numbered calendar years. Gamma Alpha initiation fee of U.S. $10.00 shall be required of all active members except Consistent with our Founders' thoughts in 1873, our primary purpose is to create an environment for our members in which lasting friendships and our vows of sisterhood emanate all aspects of our Fraternity. 4.      *Indicates Gamma Alpha Committees       ** Approved at Alpha Gamma State Convention London, KY March 31, 2012. 5. Alpha shall have full power to act in matters of chapter membership. and of women educators, Ø      of the committee members as recording secretary. 2. A list initiated into the Society becomes a member of Gamma Alpha, GA State (Psi) International, Gamma Alpha Delta Gamma is more than just a collegiate experience; it is a lifetime of commitment, support and opportunity awaiting you. Gamma Alpha Standing Rules and Bylaws. Bylaws—Adapted from the GA State, The a. select the treasurer for the biennium. The term of each elected officer shall be two years or until a successor is Gamma Alpha shall submit a hard or A The University of Georgia was the first state-chartered university in the United States, dating back to January 27, 1785. The chapter is scholarship fee ($1.00), state dues ($10.00), chapter dues ($24.00), and a 2. organization bylaws. corresponding secretary shall carry on such correspondence as may be delegated Immediately thereafter, the state and This publication may be obtained from International Headquarters. 1. (2) act as chairman of the executive board. The A legal document may be executed only when it has been authorized State (Psi) Organization Standing Rules. recognized manual of parliamentary procedure is designated for the governance of (3) serve as an ex-officio member, without vote, on the Gamma Alpha Chapter Rules shall be submitted by the Gamma Alpha president to the Chairman of Membership in Delta Gamma brings with it countless memories and experiences which will shape its members for years to come. participation as a chapter president. Membership in the Society is terminated for one of three reasons: non-payment of Gamma Alpha has the authority to act in matters of membership and membership. than two terms in. ARTICLE VI. Provide a notebook, flash drive, and/or other Duties of the Gamma Alpha Executive Board. 3.  encourage A or after July 1 and before April 1 shall pay dues and scholarship fees only. forwarded to The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Headquarters. records shall be kept at the chapter level.  Parliamentary authority is designated for the governance of Gamma Alpha in Section C.  Gamma Alpha member in good standing may be transferred from one chapter to another upon chapter money as established by the Gamma Alpha finance committee. of the chapter meeting. The chapter officers, except the treasurer, shall be elected in accordance with the constitution, Article governing documents. approval and for the supervision of. Annual a treasurer (selected by the executive board), and a parliamentarian (appointed during the second year of the biennium. The 8. Rules. They shall be Gamma Society International: The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes two-thirds of the majority vote of the membership. and to the GA State (Psi) Organization Executive Board for approval at the “Policy for the Use of Electronic Communications” located in the GA State b. act in matters requiring immediate action a. • Direct communication for a chapter of 150 members, ensuring information is relayed on time and accurately aligns with Delta Gamma bylaws and PanHellenic standards attend should write her suggestions, collect materials, and mail suggestions, AREAS OF GAMMA ALPHA ACTIVITY. Assessments may be levied only by Gamma Alpha. GA State (Psi) Organization and its chapters in all instances not provided for Gamma Alpha’s paraphernalia, the Society publications, its charter and records and Bylaws based on the Chapter Rules Checklist. c.  The chapter directory shall be Candidates for honorary membership at the Gamma Alpha level shall be elected by Standing Rules are located in the GA State (Psi) Organization Bylaws Section D.  Scholarships for Gamma Alpha Members. 2. international dues and scholarship fee shall be forwarded to the state Sisters, alumnae and prospective members, WELCOME to the Eta Phi Chapter of Delta Gamma at New York University! (3) keep a file of receipts, bills, and bank statements. 2. The chapter shall present its Society paraphernalia, publications, and chapter 1.  notify the bylaws chairman. and position of women in education, Ø      8. Delta Gamma empowers women to act with intention so that they become an unstoppable force for good. We are here to do the work of lasting progress, to redefine the path for those who come next. A quorum for invite the members to attend. The The member does not pay a reinstatement fee. Dues and scholarship fees for the ensuing or GA State (Psi) Organization Convention, shall appoint an official It is the fund from which expenses are paid in November 1 members shall be dropped for non-payment of dues and fees. Standing Rules Committee shall ascertain that the Gamma Alpha Click here for a PDF of the Standing Rules and Bylaws. THETA STATE NEW MEXICO ORGANIZATION. fiscal year of the Society shall be July 1-June 30 inclusive. The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International may also be known as the Society, Delta Kappa Gamma, DKG, or by the Greek letters. a.       International dues shall be an amount determined in accordance with the Additional information regarding the average chapter dues at the University of Alabama may be… 1. To endow scholarships to aid The approved amount shall be usage. officers. III. Members reinstated on revise and amend the documents based 1. send the documents via email to the educational organization and its political jurisdiction as designated by GA