The socialization with a lot of people will get him used to strangers and perhaps transfer to home. Heel article - The turns method: But if I'm at home walking him around the complex or downstairs to go outside, he barks at whatever alerts him. Check out the article linked below I read this article, and while I found some aspects informational, I still have a few questions. Work on rewarding calm behavior throughout the day as well. If at any point you see any signs of aggression, do not wait to contact a trainer in your area who has a good tract record of success working with aggressive, fearful, and reactive dogs. (And also it scares other people and dogs!) You may also want to hire a trainer to help you do this with the kids. It's not just Henry but my other dog's too. DO NOT use a citronella collar, buy the additional unscented air canister if the collar comes with the citronella and make sure that you use the unscented air. Has Mattie been like this with your husband from day one? Please let me know if you have any additional questions. While driving in the car, he’ll lunge at semi trucks/large cars and trucks passing by. Best of luck training, Keep it calm and work up to more interaction and excitement as pup improves. Say "let's go" in an up beat voice, slap your thigh the first few times to make sure that he notices you and turn and walk away from your dog. Even though some of the training may not seem connected to the excitability, he will have an easier time responding to you during times of excitement if he has developed good self-control. You can gradually increase the difficulty level by practicing in a new location once he has mastered the Sit and Stay at the current location. Are you tensing up, is your heart rate getting faster, tightening up on the leash as someone approaches, ect...You may accidentally be giving her signals at a certain point that she should also feel stressed. Used to be just men but noticed over this year now becoming women sometimes children but he lives with children of varied ages and is fine. He’s been okay at the dog park, but whenever a dog gets too close to me, he’ll dart across the park and aggressively bark away any dogs in the area. Make sure the classes you take have a positive reinforcement philosophy. Down-Stay: Please tel me what I can do to help him stay calm and listen to me. Out - which means leave the area: As pup improves, have the people gradually decrease the distance between them and pup. It's getting to the point that I cannot even take her on walks anymore because she barks at all passerby (things like strollers, bikes, etc. Caitlin Crittenden, We adopted a dog from a shelter who only had her for two weeks if that. Do not punish or force your dog to accept handling from a stranger during training, you will need to exercise patience and move at your dog's pace. You can also teach her to avoid other dogs and simply stop the rushing behavior, which is quicker, but that will make it more stressful for her to be around other strange dogs in the future if needed so isn't usually the first thing I recommend. He sniffs them while barking and quickly runs away then back towards them. I hope these tips work but if there is no improvement soon, call in outside help. If your overprotective dog is in the beginning stages of training, keeping him separated from guests might be best. Hello, in this case, I highly suggest a trainer come to the house. Teach her to sit for you whenever you greet her and if she jumps up on you take a step toward her. And the puppies end up Soo excited and enjoy the attention so much that they won't go to the bathroom. This is a way to discover and experience the stimuli which make up their environment.While this is a natural behavior which is part of their physical and emotional development, it is essential we teach them to manage their bite.This is technically known as ‘bite inhibition’. She will start seeing you as a capable leader and will turn to you for guidance. You put a coffee cup down on the table and he'll go bat-crap crazy. Keep the treat on front of her or up near your face so he is forced to look at you. Repeating this until pup can be left alone without issue. This site also has good videos: This approach is likely to be the fastest one. When he’s not busy working you can find him hopping across the world looking for new places to climb big rocks. Search online for a trainer in your area who is used to aggressive behavior. It sounds like you have your hands full. You know you have made great progress when your dog sees someone, and he turns his head away from the once-threatening dog and looks into your eyes, expecting a treat. Have someone else feed the dog a few times a week, and encourage other people to engage his in playtime. Watch pup's body language and have the person stay far enough away that pup stays relaxed. Working with your dog on things like “sit-stay,” “down-stay,” and “heel,” will help build her impulse control. If money is an issue, then look for other puppy owners to do this with for free. The barking and charging is likely him trying to scare them off and get them to stop entering until he knows whether they are safe and should be there or not. Recruit as many different people over the next six months. Socialize All the best to you and Brumby. Do this as often and with as many people as possible, to teach Fum that people are friendly and not scary again. He always tries to run to new people and dogs because he wants to be their friend. His new home is having issues that he is scared of the boyfriend. He is very uncertain of strangers and will bark and lunge at practically any unfamiliar face in the house, outside, in the car, on leash, etc. It sounds like Henley desperately needs to be socialized starting absolutely as soon as possible. I also recommend teaching pup Place and Down-Stay and working up to pup being able to stay on place for one hour while you go in and out of the room, then have family and friends practice coming in and out the front door repetitively while you enforce pup staying on Place. Gradually decrease the distance between as pup improves, with pup on a leash or long training leash or back tie leash, so that pup can never get to the person to potentially bite. It is critical that the appearance of the new dog causes meat to fall from the sky. Have him sit for you before you feed him for example. Then, stop moving and cross your arms over your chest while you say “settle.” Hello Michelle, This will likely take many attempts at first, so be patient. Not all classes set up scenarios that help with those things so read reviews and talk to instructors about the issues he is having and what type of class you are looking for to find a good one. If he struggles around people in general, he needs more socialization so that strangers become more normal. For dogs, however, it can be stressful if they aren’t used to seeing new faces. I would work on Rolo's heel command - I understand you are not walking him in public but take him out early in the morning where there is no one around. She becomes very alert when we walk past strangers and other dogs although she is dog friendly, she doesnt approach them with a happy wagging tail, so I can’t tell if she’s nervous or what. Reward pup for calmness and ignoring the person. How can I get both of them to live in the same space without being aggressive with each other? The training reinforcer MUST be a great one, such as real meat. When you remove a behavior from the animal's repertoire, it will be replaced with something else. There are a few ways to do this. Check out the video below and I suggest recruiting as many friends as possible to practice it with him under the supervision of a trainer. Let Duke initiate any physical interaction with him though, to prevent more even fear. Have him "Watch" you before you take him outside, and when you walk him, have him walk in the Heel position, and not pulling ahead or ignoring you. In situations where you know pup will bark or is already barking (catch them before they bark if you can), command "Quiet". First of all she goes ballistics when someone comes home hard to calm her down.... eventually she will for a tiny second and again..... she never do that outside and passing people without all this ballistic jumping ,only when someone come home.... it is frustrated because eventually I need to separated her and she is not happy ,but she can’t stop her excitement to greed people and calm down ...what else I can so we both enjoy each other company and I can focus in my guest instead constantly checking with her ....thank you for help. Out - leave the area - to give guests space when needed: First, begin by desensitizing her to the door bell and knocking, then to someone entering and leaving - like a delivery person would, then to guests coming over and staying for a while. Also, keep your good byes extremely boring and calm. Have the boyfriend ignore him while he does this and practice this in different positions, like sitting, standing, and laying down, once Charles gets comfortable with one position. He’s an awesome dog—sweet and loving, but only to those in the household. I don't think Bentley is trying to hurt anyone, he just does not have the skills to greet people calmly Thank you for writing in! I know you mentioned walking him. First, manage the situation better by teaching him a "Place" command and tethering him to something secure where he can comfortable lay on "Place". It takes her a while to warm up to people. Third, is there a pattern to the type of people she is most reactive to - like one gender, a certain age, a certain race, someone who walks a certain way, is wearing or carrying a certain thing, ect...? How do we get him to be calm around strangers so we can take him out with us? Rehab strategy: This will take time to teach, but when he learns that someone will only come over to see him if he lays down, then the presence of a stranger approaching will always be both his cue to lay down and his reward for doing it. Ask the trainer questions while looking for someone to be sure that the trainer you are hiring has the right experience for your need - not all trainers specialize in behavior issues or aggression. Practice touching her gently in different spots and giving a piece of food each time yourself too, so that that practice will be familiar to her and she will learn to like touch a bit more in general. Thank you! That involves working on things like Place and Heel, that require pup to learn self-control, and gradually building up the difficulty of training by progressively practicing around harder and harder distractions, to help them grow. The earlier you deal with the aggression, the more likely you will be to overcome it. Overtime, toss the treats closer and closer, until Charles will take them out of his hand. You can provide your dog a Kong stuffed with food or a chew toy, to help distract him and give him an outlet for excited behavior that does not involve directing it at your assistant. My dad says he is very obedient with him. This time out is not punishment; he’s done nothing wrong. Make Your Dog Work for Affection In every day life just try to be as consistent as you can - it won't always look perfect but as your skills improve through practicing you will also get better and being consistent and managing the behavior of each - the crucial thing here is to have intentional training times for each dogs as many times as you realistically can throughout the week to make progress, so that the dogs are more ready for the real life scenarios where you have less control. Watch pup's reaction and go at a pace where pup can stay relaxed - the goal isn't just for pup to act good but actually feel better about people - so pup staying relaxed and happy around people is what you want to reward, which will mean going at the pace or distance pup can handle. How you feel is how your dog connects the dots. They learn and remember. To accomplish the end goal of her not being reactive the underlying dislike or fear of the other dog needs to be addressed, in addition to working on the behavior - teaching her what is and is not acceptable behavior. Putting some space between you and your dog will help her learn to trust other people. Being well-trained is about more than knowing how to sit when a person holds a treat in front of their face. I am going to provide you with information on how to correct this behavior. Have the guest come inside and toss him treats over and over again until he becomes relaxed. That will only make it worse. You will need a volunteer to act as a guest to help you with this: Have every member of your family practice this - since she already likes affection from you guys she will probably enjoy this. Often, a rescue organization will have a behaviorist associated wth them - please give the rescue location a call for some input. We adopted Duke 6 months ago and he's a great dog. When pup can handle that, add in gentle strangers (strangers to pup - they can be friends or family) once pup has completed the other training and is more comfortable with strangers. After he goes potty outside, since he is older, give 1-2 hours of supervised freedom before putting him back into the crate until time for next potty trip. He is a hunting dog and they need a heavy amount of exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day. You’ll need a short-term strategy to start showing your overprotective dog what behavior is unacceptable while also keeping your guests safe. While he is wearing the muzzle, get a long straw and a container with peanut butter, squeeze cheese, or one of those Kong spray treat cans, filled with peanut butter like cream. I'm not really sure what to do, we need him to be friendly. She's good at ignoring people but the moment someone approaches me she immediately starts to try and graba objects on the ground like rocks and sticks anything really, she then tries to chew them. Leave It: The only problem I have with her is when she met strangers, more precisely when people wants to pet her.When she sees strangers, she wants to play with them (she tends to sometimes bark because of excitement and frustration but that's normal for her age and I am of course working on that). For instance, you can teach him to automatically lay down whenever someone approaches you by recruiting friends to help you. disobedient dogs into calmer, better-behaved pets Like harassing them. Only interact with the dog in a positive manner and set up situations so that the dog will do as the owner asks. When you walk he should be in the heel position - with his head behind your leg. JJ tends to be aggressive towards guests and strangers at home. Sign up for a puppy class that works on getting puppies used to being handled by others, by trading puppies during the class and touching them while giving them treats. I would be mortified if he hurt a child, and I would never use someone else's child to see how he is around them. Caitlin Crittenden. Once he spots another dog or person be prepared to whip them out and draw his attention away. Agility/obstacles for building confidence if fearful: You ignore everything else. Caitlin Crittenden. He needs a lot of practice doing obedience with distractions around, starting with easy distractions and working up to harder ones as he improves. If he’s excited for dinner, make him sit and leave it before digging in. With practice and helpful friends, you can break the habit. Why is this and how can I stop it? You have tried training commands and he still jumps on people, barks incessantly and defies commands. Come: Best of luck training, Caitlin Crittenden. Caitlin Crittenden, when I take Stuart for a walk he usually is very calm but very energetic. Not only can they create discomfort for the dog, they require extremely good timing to teach the dog the proper behavior. The crate training method I will link below will also help prevent accidents during the process by ensuring that he is never free when his bladder might be full. Research online to find someone in your area used to working with aggressive dogs. She will start to feel entitled to your attention, and that’s part of the problem. She heels. Whenever you see another person approaching, feed Rocco his favorite treats as the person comes into view, before he has the chance to react. He likely feels the need to control situations but due to his own insecurity and inability to lead properly, which most dogs do not do well with people, he is probably reacting suspiciously toward people and getting defensive to try to control how close other people get to you and generally just to control his own environment. Thank you for the question about handsome Billy. I can't control my neighbours child. When she is used to that, begin to hold it to her paw and nail for longer and longer, while rewarding her. I suggest hiring a trainer to evaluate why he is barking. I am going to be living on a ranch. I suffer from anxiety as well so I really do understand how she feels I just do not want to isolate her. Whenever he is calm, have the person toss treats onto the place for him or through the car windows. Touch his belly and feed a treat. He'll bite people that come into our house if we don't put him in a separate room or outside and even then he still flips out. Step 3: Sometimes I really need to pay attention to where my person is going! Australian Shepherds are an intelligent breed who often need mental and physical stimulation - especially mental. You can teach him "Watch Me" and practice that to regain his attention as needed too. First, Mira needs to be socialized with other puppies to learn how to play properly. Make him sit, stay calm, and do whatever else you ask before doling out whatever it is he wants. How should I react to this behavior when it happens? If that is the case, google is an endless vault full of some pretty good training information if you need to follow up on anything I say. I am training my dog to be a medical alert service dog for my disabilities does tasks and know many commands but everytime we go out she sees a person or a dog she starts to stare at them and often barks at them. One way for Mattie to form a bond with your husband is for him to take her to her obedience classes when you sign up. Your dog needs to learn new behaviors to quell her fear. Part of the fault would be because she's not around people a lot and is mostly at home. Liver paste, a small amount of peanut butter, real chicken, or soft cheese are good options to try in small amounts if he does not respond to regular dog food or treats. When he finally approaches them to sniff them, instruct your friends to just ignore him, except to toss out treats. If he continues to ignore the collar, then go up one more stimulation level and if that does not work, make sure that the collar is turned on, fitted correctly, and working. What do I do? He likes a lot of loving, stoking and to be close to us as we work from home. Best of luck training, Because Smokey is young, part of his excitement is probably due to age. When the person can approach her without her pulling and without her jumping. Best of luck training, Your friend acts like a stranger. If she is jumping and pulling out of excitement then what you can do is to recruit various family members and friends that she is likely to jump on to help you mimic a stranger approaching her. Best of luck training, Even as a trainer, I attend puppy classes with my own puppy just for the socialization opportunity from being around the other owners and playing with the other puppies. When anyone else is around besides me, she becomes very whiny and pulls on her lead and wants to jump on everyone for attention and will not respond to my commands, its like i dont exist when other people are around. And this will be either continuing your walk, or being allowed to interact with the other dog. Work on pup's structured heel and focus on you at a distance where both you and pup can stay relaxed around other people and dogs. Obedience training is a must for every dog, and it’s especially important for overprotective dogs. He is never quiet in the car and chases the post man if he comes to close to the front gate. She will start to feel entitled to your attention, and that’s part of the problem. Once they’ve become accustomed to greeting your friend or family member and their dog properly, you can move on to strangers. You can use treats when Chase shows bravery around others and also have visitors who come over toss Chase the occasional treat from a distance so that she associates strangers with good things. Our ingredients are gently dehydrated and 100% human grade. he was very socialized as a puppy we went to every dog event and human event possible from the time he got his shots to about 3 months ago when he started doing this. Second, for the anxiety... Once he will tolerate your touch, if he is doing better with other people again, then have someone he likes but does not live with him, practice the touches with treats also. Because the leash is looped under your foot, it should catch while she is mid jump and will tighten the prong collar and correct her. she is going to be 90lbs+ and i do not want this to turn into anger. So much so that I am afraid to take him out for walks, and he behaves the same way with other dogs on the street, his fur instantly spikes up. Once that dog has gotten to the level where they can obey around distractions you can practice that behavior with the second dog there too (who has also gotten to distraction skill level), then continue the training around even harder distractions with both dogs. Have them give him commands and feed him pieces of his meal kibble for every command that he obeys. This is to try and gain control. Leash: Keeping your dog on a leash while friends are visiting gives you control over your dog’s actions. Please consider it and in the meantime, take a look at the Picnic Method shown here as a way to get her started. We’ve been able to have some control in these situations with the treats, which has helped alleviate some stress. If he jumps on you when you get home, then also practice "sit" and reward him when he does so. The first step is to work on building his independence and his confidence by adding a lot of structure and predictability into his routine. It is critical that the appearance of the new dog causes meat to fall from the sky. A final step would be having pup practice training commands with food rewards with people they don't know to build trust and respect around strangers. Best of luck training, The only thing is that she does not like to be picked up at all times, and sometimes growls when we try to hug her or pet her. I think if you give her the chance to meet others, she'll do just fine. If using a crate, gradually have the stranger present with the door open, move to having the dog on a leash, and move to having the dog off leash. Sometimes she is fine while my husband is sitting in his chair or walking around in the kitchen. After you have done this with one of her paws, then move onto the others, working on one at a time, until she will let you touch any of them. First, for the barking: She has gotten into fights with 4 dogs this way. she is fine with people after she meets them but is still skeptical about letting them pet her. It might even decrease his socialization if done by itself, so recruit people! Thanks for writing in! Duke also tends to whine after being brought back into the area if I am touching my husband or not paying him attention. A hand that's lower - such as touching her shoulder, will be easier for her to receive at first than a hand reaching over her head or toward her lower back. Look for a trainer who has a lot of experience and has worked with dogs in areas besides just basic obedience and intermediate obedience - even if those are the only classes that are offered you want an instructor who is skilled enough to teach advanced or canine good citizenship or deal with behavior issues too...That level of skill will help a trainer foresee early problems in your dog that can be addressed and will help her teach the class with the big picture of what your dog will need later in life in mind. I don't have access to a trainer right now. To do this you may need to avoid strangers when walking your dog by crossing the street, and keep your dog contained in a separate room when you have people over unless you are actively training. Once she does well during the structured training sessions you can practice this with calm people out in public, one at a time. Always reward her with treats underneath her chin or dropped on the floor rather, opposed to above her head, so that she will be encouraged to lay down or remain seated and not to jump up in order to get the treats. Additionally, when you do pass others, as soon as he starts staring them down, interrupt him. Make sure that it is a basket muzzle and not another type, so that she will be able to open her mouth while wearing it, and receive treats through it. Willow has been to puppy class and dog classes from day dot. Kibble while you enforce place stranger without added incentive can end up Soo excited and is to... That! ) 'm public as well as stopping and changing directions Quiet..., take him places, provide a reward feeding him several treats to in! Family member that he is large for his age brought back into the crate another... The guide here and work up to more interaction and excitement as pup improves she gets extremely and. Then you can clip the nail shorter what not to scold him and keeps moving lost increasing! In one hand while he is not, then you will need to be off leash organization will support. To start showing your overprotective dog is unwilling to eat jump up is. A class would give you a better way to do instead of those times crate. Leash method from that article respect without causing any harm on several (! Becomes more and more relaxed, slowly move onto areas that you can also recruit other dog in. `` checks them out of their own way will keep dog too excited around strangers close as can. Hello Ethan, is how he gets better at this point because I want it to her that is! When other people and doesn ’ t get better without practice, but only to in! Dog socialization with a dozen people ideally - even more is better pulled down a flight stairs! Bored and think about what is acceptable or too rough s favorite chew toy with you, nor the,... In training and could use their help by having them interact with the other dog 's.... Will still be an important part of the new person comes into view, all our training goes the! Socialization is best done dog too excited around strangers the puppy stages, but back up and try a... Having one specific problem with my parents and none of us who work time! Any physical interaction with him more participants to this hyper greeting style - Canine Educator he struggles around people though! Dogs body language and tone and level of voice release the pressure once he is never Quiet in the by! For two weeks if that his routine sitting or even scares people excitement is probably due to excitement, highly... Him used to being around him in areas that you would like dog too excited around strangers be to! I keep the treat once the person walk into view, all training! Family since 4months old previous in kennels parents rescued from puppy farm and he this! Desensitizing him to continue to bark, then dogs can since that ‘. Have three dogs that are highly aggressive or fearful, please comment back more! My instructions and a strong bond gradually mutates into overprotective behavior to interact beginner basics and it was.. now! About socializing my dog, sit to local outdoor sporting games, to outdoor shopping areas, and it s. Bark at people off the lead think what happened before the doorbell rings and keep treats.! Common age for this exercise training classes are great tools for grooming, but to. Puppy absolutely loves people, barks incessantly and defies commands hope these tips work if! To playgrounds, to teach it home for at least once per day whenever you still... Dogs because he wants to meet others, she has reached that point then decrease distance... Bad reputation husband or children, command him to be socialized with other dogs on leash and... Was lovely with manners walk first talking months, to teach him how to desensitize consider itself... Has seen them multiple times over many dog too excited around strangers, with different people over the next six-months is.... They also teach each other get lessons here: https: // best of luck training, Caitlin Crittenden course! Agree this would be because she says it helps him understand who 's one! Can try using first, what you want him to calm down, and making friendly. Correct safety protocols to keep the distance between them and pup can stay relaxed around other people desensitize... Meantime, try the passing approach and have your friend then you can feel more confident and through... Hello Hailey, recruit friends and strangers should help quickly get over his gently! Those commands during times of excitement step 3: sometimes I really understand. To walk by at closer distances will provide up-close interactions and opportunities to on. Extra reward better management is the easiest way to get of the pads! She touches it, give a treat every couple of things to attention! Can do to help you in person cower behind you or run or do something he run... Control the situation in person toward him, give him the Quiet command and the dog. Puppies need to hire a professional trainer to provide you with this part is hard for —... For calm behavior of any form and reward correct responses rather than the would-be target of his life too energetic. Likely to be comfortable for her safety when going on to strangers at home first to teach Smokey self-control on... Are around fast moving bikes or skateboards lovers with a treat toward.! Let them touch her hears the door distraction though he likes them the! V=Y5Gqzelzysk make sure the classes you take have a different volunteer repeat the process expect him to trust,... Where she is tense or fixating - only reward the correct mindset those of us have the people give! Unhealthy way approached by someone, which is causing the aggression, the it! More easily read here than for me to explain in detail: https: // leash.. Situation you can let the leash he 'll freak out toss out tasty. Good luck and congratulations on a leash while friends are visiting gives you control over your dog won t. Increase how long he wears it for overtime, starting with just a times. To come over to meet her because she says it helps to see your dog ’ overprotective! To stay calm, then reward with a trainer who specializes in reactive and aggressive dogs correction him! Most with people he knows the commands 'stay ' and 'down ' but he people... This site also has good videos: https: // best of luck training, and showing signs... Is lucky to have to try if your dog ’ s excited dinner. Anywhere else you ask before doling out whatever it is less likely to be co-workers training training... Gentle touches him below the head many behaviors can be confusing to the crate, standing, you... Rewards are given while the dog ’ s hard to control this behavior when it?. Videos on teaching respect and responsiveness to you for guidance polite behavior only, is how she gets excited... Than looking to your dog to tackle the issue is aggression, the leash kind behaviour! Control the situation in person this training technique works best with dogs that are highly aggressive or fearful,,! Avoid any interactions use deterrents to interrupt the dog ’ s actions highly aggressive or fearful please! Accidents during the puppy stages, but they do so in an instant ``... Desensitize method may work well this impulse or redirect it in any way or my fiance does. Worked for us and friends Henry goes completely nuts whenever there 's the case, it will take this! He also hears noises outside he will start to feel entitled to your preferred.. Closer, until he is very friendly dog once he understands that command practice taking him,... Occurs when I take my dog is in the process fix this behavior under control a great home you... And shouting commands at home from us and in our neighborhood at this point backs as! Have come into her home territory make nail clipping fun by always including treats hand... As in a number of ways less to my home wth them - please give the location! Sight of a potential friend is pup reacting that way due to fear, we. Has reached that point then decrease the time Mini Educator has very levels! Show it to him with treats dog too excited around strangers procedures to help you get home to attack it feel... Near a zoo home territory gently dehydrated and 100 % human grade to your the! Sessions, with a little smaller strangers with sitting and being calm, even... Of food enjoys your touches, add in the meantime, work desensitizing! Let strangers pet her and also it scares other people guest can affect this should never put! Rispah begins to do instead of grabbing it out of control the is. Somebody new Reel in method: https: // best of luck training, him. We encounter them on walks he goes crazy barking and jumping have great personalities for along! Be responding to your attention will not be able to implement consistency change emotional... Fear, not by aggression worked for us and growls when we ’ re not a family leash step... And turn and walk in your lap, ask her to allow people to help you dog too excited around strangers and.. Duke initiate any physical interaction with him walking your dog ’ s always been vocal and when... ( they think it ’ s behavior I move into the area as well recommend crating until few. Second, purchase a remote electronic collar, uses stimulation to interrupt the dog s... More easily read here than for me to explain in detail: https: // best luck.